Company History

SPORTISI INDONESIA was founded in April 2002 – with Sport supplement import and distribution as the main business. PROLAB becomes the first brand we carry and throughout the years, this brand has grown to be the leading brand in Indonesia for the sport supplement market. and the SPORTISI name is very well known when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding.

Quality and service is our main concern, we never cut corners in both, we may not be generous when giving out bonuses or discounts but all are well compensated with our highest quality products and services.

After being successful with PROLAB in just 2 years, we expanded our brand to Scifit and BSN, and Nutrabolics, which are also premium brands in USA and CANADA, within a year SPORTISI Received an Excellence International Distributor award from Nutrabolics for an outstanding performance as both importer and distributor for their products. This just show our commitment to our core bussiness. Also with Nutrabolics, Sportisi has developed the AminoPower 2000 which was designed specifically for the Indonesian Market in mind.

Our other division such as REPS MAGAZINE is just another prove of our dedication to the fitness and bodybuilding world, now after 4 years and counting, REPS has also become the most sought after fitness magazine in Indonesia, the only bodybuilding magazine that was created by Indonesian for Indonesian – the only close competition for REPS are those magazine franchised from USA, which has slightly different target market and contents than REPS whose Mainly Focused in the fitness and bodybuilding world and industry as well as healthy lifestyle.

We also produce fitness apparel and bodybuilding gears for fitness enthusiast, all under our Fit gear division with great designs and targeted for those whose really budget conscience,our apparel and clothing lines are MAYBE the one you’ve been looking for. And for dealers all over Indonesia or abroad whose interested in our Fit Gear please don’t hesitate to contact us.

As a developing company we cant help but to diversify to other area, and the Motorsport industry is our latest achievement, by working closely with the mass media Sportisi Motorsport has grown to a very strong name in the Motorsport Industry and within the same year has been starting to export its products overseas, which can only be achieved by hanging on to our motto and principal since we started our business :



Maintaining our status as THE BEST SUPPLEMENT DISTRIBUTOR IN INDONESIA and achieve The Best Brand for our Supplements that we carry and also expanding our businesses with great motivation and dedication


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